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Helping Alberta

Helping Alberta is a volunteer organization that provides personal protective equipment (PPE) to provincial frontline healthcare workers throughout Alberta. The organization has four key pillars: collecting unused PPE from companies, a GoFundMe to purchase PPE as needed, 3D printing face shields, and sewing cloth masks.


YYC Grocery Delivery:

YYC Grocery Delivery is a Calgary-based organization that delivers essential items to senior and at-risk individuals in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. This student-led initiative rallies up groups of volunteers to retrieve these items from major retailers and delivers them straight to their clients. Their


Inbound Birth Tourism to Canada

The rates of birth tourism are increasing rapidly in Canada, raising questions about whether or not babies born in Canada should automatically receive Canadian citizenship. Hannah Rahim and Juliet Guichon argue that current data on the prevalence and implications of birth tourism are insufficient to