Corporate tree hugger, mindfulness buff, baller shot caller. 

Robyn is a national award winning sustainability consultant and workshop facilitator. She enables her clients to build credibility and long term shared value with stakeholders by driving environmental, social, and governance performance. She loves the outdoors and values the joy that it brings out in many of us. This is what drives her interest and passion in natural capital accounting and management. Robyn is passionate about finding ways to value natural capital and incorporate it decision making in both the public and private sectors.


She strongly believes that self awareness and understanding the interconnectedness of our society is the foundation for building strong and compassionate communities. This lead her to be the Co-Founder of an EdTech social enterprise called The Mindful Scholar that provides mindfulness content and training to children which aims to improve their social and emotional intelligence and resilience. Robyn also serves as a founding board member of Local Investing YYC; an impact investment cooperative that supports the diversification of Calgary’s economy by providing capital to Calgary-based entrepreneurs that generate financial, social, and environmental returns. 


Robyn is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CA, CPA) and holds a Masters of Professional Accounting (MPAcc) and a Bachelor of Commerce in Energy Management.