Recreation therapist, accessibility advocate, wannabe comedian.

Rachelle is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) at a Long-Term Care facility. She acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies: Therapeutic Recreation from Brock University and completed the National Council Therapeutic Recreation Certification exam to obtain the CTRS credential. Rachelle utilizes recreation and leisure interventions to meet the needs of individuals with illnesses and injuries. She creates treatment services designed to restore and/or remediate individual’s physical, cognitive, emotional and social functioning. 
She believes in advocating for accessibility, the purpose of recreation therapy within the healthcare sector and inclusion within Calgary. These passions have lead Rachelle to become heavily involved in the Alberta Therapeutic Recreation Association such as: Central Chair as well as of recently, she has become a member of the exam management committee for the National Council of Therapeutic Recreation Certification representing recreation therapy in Canada.  
During Rachelle’s own leisure time she enjoys working on her humour narrative blog ‘The Wreck in Recreation’, thrifting and following celebrity gossip.