Sustainability practitioner, procrasti-baker, ice cream tester

Marie is a sustainability practitioner who helps organizations articulate, measure, and communicate their sustainability goals and impacts. A systems-based thinker with a strong set of qualitative and quantitative research skills, she has experience with a broad range of projects across public health, sustainability, and climate change. While she is interested in many aspects of sustainability, she is currently focused on identifying and embedding material Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues throughout the business, with a strong focus within the Financial Services sector.

Previously, Marie was a researcher at the University of Alberta working with a broad range of public and industry stakeholders to develop a suite of technical documents and tools towards the novel implementation of water reuse and stormwater use projects in Alberta. She has worked on a number of youth engagement and philanthropic projects with AIESEC, the Winnipeg Foundation, and other Canadian non-profit organizations in Manitoba, Ontario, and Alberta. In all her projects, Marie aims to foster effective knowledge translation and dialogue across different sectors towards evidence-based policy and risk management. 

Marie holds an MPH with a specialization in Environmental and Occupational Health from the University of Alberta and a BScH in Environmental Science from Queen’s University.