Madison Savilow


Environmentalist, CarbonTech Innovator, Snack Expert.

Madison carries her strong passion for entrepreneurialism, business, and the environment into every aspect of her life. Having grown up exploring the Rocky Mountains, she is motivated to protect the environment and ecosystems she loves. Keeping climate action accessible to the public and depolarizing climate change discourse is the main driver in much of her work. 
By day, Madison coordinates business development at a carbon utilization company called Carbon Upcycling Technologies.

In June 2019, Madison graduated from the University of Calgary with a BComm in Accounting with Co-op and a BA in Sociology with Honours. Her honours dissertation explored the consequences of water insecurity on First Nations reserves. Madison’s cumulative experience has allowed her to become a strong advocate for water resource management as well as for climate change mitigation.
Madison is looking forward to aiding the Calgary community in adopting practical steps towards climate change mitigation.