Problem-seeker and solver, procurement geek, creative destruction.

Jane is passionate about people – she loves meeting new people and creating strong relationships. She is happiest seeing the impact in value she brings to those around her. By day, she is the cofounder and COO of a specialized consultancy focused on strategic sourcing, procurement and category management. She has made it her mission to maximize the value her clients gain from their spend, for not only themselves but also their suppliers and customers.


She has an MBA in Global Energy Management and Sustainability as well as Finance, and a background in Marketing with Haskayne. Her desire to pursue achieving greater impact through leveraging business is what drove her to this field, as well as to start her own firm where she has created offerings in sustainable procurement to help companies not only increase business value but also drive for future sustainability of the world.


She looks forward to drive meaningful messages to shape the future of the city she lives in.