What does the future of work mean for cities?

In Calgary and in cities around the globe, we are facing unprecedented levels of disruption, impacting the way we work and live. Companies have an unprecedented opportunity to rethink how work is done and the capabilities needed to operate in the future.

Digital radically disrupts traditional ways of organizing work, driving open operating models and collaboration, and breaking down the boundaries of where work is done. Market-driven, digitally-powered business models require smaller workforces that are structured differently and leverage different talents. Digital also demands – and enables – a fundamentally different workforce. Whereas today’s supervisors spend significant time coordinating and controlling resources, tomorrows will need to assess data, encourage innovation, and drive decision making to the edges of the organization. Most Calgary-based companies will experience this gap in needed analytical and collaborative skills over the next five years.

Finally, companies need to get better control of their total workforce, including the often under-managed and under-utilized contingent workforce.

– Brittany Humphry, Business Strategy Manager


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