Design wizard, aspiring data scientist, dog person, 5E tempest cleric.

Emi is passionate about design, data, and continuous improvement. She is happiest when working with large data sets, dashboards, and lean methodologies. With over ten years of experience in finance and multimedia design, Emi looks forward to visually present the story of YYCShapers with her eye for detail and heart for design.


Born in a remote village in China and raised by a single parent, Emi understands the value of hard work, the privilege of living in a first-world country, and the opportunity to contribute to her community. Emi has a Bachelors of Commerce and had worked for organizations such as KPMG LLP and the Calgary Board of Education. She looks to combine her passion for numbers and design into a career in data science in the near future.


In Emi’s spare time, you can find her volunteering, playing D&D 5th edition, or making a mess working on an acrylic painting. Her weaknesses are ice cream and watermelon.