Community advocate, meme expert, mediocre 3-point shooter.

Christian is passionate about creating a voice for individuals from marginalized groups and advocating for their inclusion in society. Growing up, he always had difficulty “finding his place”, so he wanted to make that process easier for those with similar experiences. By day, Christian is aCommunications Assistant at Accessible Housing, a non-profit that aims to provide affordable and accessible housing for individuals with limited mobility. He runs both the external and internal communications of the organization, including event management, promotional materials and social media. Christian has a combined degree in international relations and commerce from the University of Calgary. He chose his current field because he enjoys the direct impact that non-profits make towards their clients. Working in communications has allowed Christian to be a storyteller on behalf of the organization, making sure that the work he provide to his clients does not go unnoticed. As a born and raised Calgarian, he hopes to engage in projects that allow him to give back to the communities that have shaped who he is today.