Adventure Capitalist, The Meliorist, The Extremist 

Chelsea is passionate about being part of the solution, whether that be in relation to climate change, equality/equal opportunity or mental health awareness. She believes that we all have the opportunity to play a small part in making our world a better place to live. She works in finance by day, specifically in capital markets.


Some may say she is a forever learner, or that she takes everything to the extreme – she is working towards her PhD in Psychiatry (Health Economics), she has a masters in Economics, an undergrad in Political Science/Economics, and a certificate in International Business. Interestingly enough, her field has little to no relevance to her educational background. however her background in economics enabled her to obtain a job in Capital Markets but her curiosity and thirst to learn more propelled her further into other areas. On the side, she is working on an economic research for a project in complementary therapies in Pediatric medicine. 


She would like to contribute her efforts towards the podcast in which will aim to profile some of YYC’s most inspirational and influential people. Story telling and spoken word is a powerful force of influence, she hopes the podcast will inspire youth in Calgary to channel their energy and passions into doing good in their neighborhood.